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Why Bloggers shouldn’t be Afraid to Laugh at Themselves

Being a blogger is hilarious. Every day I find myself laughing at myself and that this is what I do.

Don’t get me wrong I do take what I do seriously as a whole but there are sometimes that I can’t help but laugh at the hilarity of it all.

From the blogger stereotypes to blogger behaviour, we have paved the way for blog memes and blogging should be approached with a sense of humour and the ability to laugh at ourselves.

I regularly joke about blogging and have created a number of comedy posts including How to be the Perfect Blogger to try and keep blogging lighthearted.

Because blogging is tough and we need to be able to make laugh and make fun of ourselves and below are few reasons we should laugh at outselves.

“What is it you do again?”

I find it hilarious that people outside of the blogging world really don’t understand blogging.

To us it is such a simple premise – we write content, maintain a website and promote our website.

But people seem to view it as a totally alien concept especially when you throw in the fact you make money from it.

People really just don’t seem to understand there is money to be made on the internet despite using the internet themselves.

People are too used to trusting main stream media and are confused by bloggers and the source of information they provide.

They just can’t understand the difference between being sold something through a TV advert or catalogue in comparison to reading a blog post and clicking on an advert or affiliate link.

Do you find that people don’t understand your blog? Consider showing them – What is a blog?

SEO is Google’s joke at our expense

If you have ever seen the Lord of the Rings series, then you will probably agree that trying to improve a blogs SEO is just like trying to get the ring to Mordor.

The orcs are the army of Google bots and the Google updates are Sauron.

And you are just a tiny little hobbit trying to get your content ranking, exhausted and wanting to throw yourself in Mount Doom.

The Google God’s are laughing at us as they introduce a new update that prioritises crap content and pushes your excellently researched piece to page 4.

You can win the battle of SEO but still you lose the war when you see the joke of content that outranks you.

Google is laughing at you whilst you cry internally. Or laugh manically.

The Lengths we go to for ad monies

I find blog posts that are intentionally longer than they need to be for the extra ad money hilarious.

Food bloggers are probably the best and worst for this and some of it is full blown nonsense.

I’ve seen bloggers called out on their fictional tales but we know why bloggers do this.

We have it drilled into us that Google likes longer content. But it really doesn’t matter as much as people think.

Quality of blog content will beat quantity of blog posts any day and the only really benefit of longer content is more ad monies.

Some would sail grandma down the river for a Bluehost affiliate sale

You know the sort… In Facebook Groups they pounce on the newbie bloggers wanting to start a new blog with their affiliate link to whatever hosting service they want to plug, usually Bluehost.

Never mind that the newbie has no technical skills or money they will encourage these newbies to sign up for hosts just to get a sale.

All the while persuading them not to go with options more suited to their abilities and budget such as Blogger, which is, in my opinion, the runner up to WordPress.

I promote both Bluehost and Blogger to new bloggers, with honesty on the pros and cons of both.

And yes you can make money on blogger. I have a blog making 6 figures a year on Blogger as do many others.

I spend a lot of time championing Blogger and Bluehost, in a honest way and laughing at the ridiculousness of those who resort to ridiculous claims to get a sale. And it is so funny to watch.

We do love a freebie…

This reputation for bloggers and influencers wanting free stuff didn’t just start from nowhere, ya know?

It is just all so true.

And there is nothing wrong with that, we’re a money conscious bunch and who doesn’t want something for free.

But every so often someone gets called out for acting terribly to get a freebie or reacting poorly when they don’t get it and it is hilarious.

There is entitlement and occasionally some hilariously ridiculous claims made by an “assistant”. And when the establishment responds is when the comedy magic begins.

Blogging “Part Time”

There is no such thing as blogging part time and I laugh at the concept.

You either blog full time or you work and blog full time.

There is no in between despite those claiming to blog part time they are likely putting in a lot more hours than they claim.

Or have outsourced or have abandoned many of the tasks needed to run a successful blog because to be honest there are so many tasks that need to be done.

We can be a little delusional in our claims

Oh boy do we make some hilarious claims in our blog posts.

Nothing and I mean nothing that is posted as being easy is as easy in reality, as much as we wish it was so.

Sure on paper it looks easy and maybe you managed to persuade your kid to eat carrot sticks but your kids probably really want crisps, chocolate and a maccy D’s Happy Meal.

And it isn’t restricted to health or other niches. There is very little that is actually made easy by reading a blog post, no matter how good the post is.

We’re all aimlessly blogging towards the Mediavine Threshold

Let’s be honest, if you want to make good money blogging then you need to be with Mediavine.

Adsense isn’t what it used to be and something we settle for until we find something better.

I’m with Mediavine myself on another blog and I can tell you that no ad company compares to them.

Not without spamming your readers by placing a bajillion ads cluttering up the place anyways.

So we blog aimlessly until we hopefully reach the threshold to get into Mediavine.

For the reasons above and many more, blogging should be taken with a pinch of salt and the humour should be enjoyed.

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