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Top 10 Soft Robotics Startups to Look Out for in 2022

Soft robotics startups are in high demand for robots with high flexibility and fluidity in 2022

Soft robotics is gaining traction in the robotics domain to create flexible bodies with more fluidity. Multiple soft robotics startups are emerging in the field leveraging RPA, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, and many more cutting-edge technologies. Robots are having soft robotics grippers with rubber and silicon for better performance. A robotics company is working on a wide range of automated solutions to solve the most relevant problems across all industries. The global soft robotics market size is expected to hit US$6369.04 million in 2026 at a CAGR of 35.17%. Let’s explore some of the top ten soft robotics startups to look out for in 2022.

Top ten soft robotics startups in 2022


iCOBOTS is one of the top soft robotics startups with a wide range of collaborative robots performing multiple tasks in the workspace. These robots are created with the integration of RPA and artificial intelligence to solve the challenges of robotic systems. The soft robotics grip system allows industrial robotics to grips with specialized grippers for reducing the need for advanced vision systems and movement calculations. The Integrated Controller unit allows accurate second-particle reactivity as well as repetition of operations.

Soft Gripping

Soft Gripping is a popular soft robotics company focused on the modular design system for flexible gripping. It offers its individual gripper as well as a multi-actuator system with SfotGripping. The elastic and nonskid surfaces can adapt to any shape for a soft grip and delicate objects. There is a wide range of RPA soft robotics products such as SoftGripper, SoftActuator, Educational SoftGripper, and many more.

Soft Robot Tech

Soft Robot Tech is one of the leading soft robotics startups offering the control technology of soft robots related to the synergistic advantages of industrialization. There are multiple smart vision solutions such as visual image measurement, intelligent appearance inspection, recognition of graphics and instruments, as well as industrial quality inspection. There is a wide range of soft flexible gripper-SFG products in this soft robotics company.

Brain Corp

Brain Corp is one of the popular soft robotics startups automating the workflows with robots integrated with RPA and AI. It offers BrainOS as a pioneering AI software platform powering the world’s largest fleet of autonomous mobile robots operating in public spaces with the utmost safety. The soft robotics company helps with multiple applications such as cleaning, moving, and sensing. There are more than 20,000 autonomous robots deployed with 8.1 million total autonomous hours of operation.

Diligent Robotics

Diligent Robotics is known as an artificial intelligence and robotics company creating robot assistants to help healthcare workers efficiently and effectively. These robots are built with ever-evolving mobile manipulation, human-guided learning capabilities, and social intelligence. It offers the first robot teammate known as Moxi to help clinical staff with routine activities through RPA. Moxi covers multiple activities and tasks such as running patient supplies, delivering lab samples, distributing PPE, and delivering medications.


Somnox is one of the top soft robotics startups providing science-backed sleep companions enhancing breathing and settling the mind. Multiple smart sensors help in responding to breathing in real-time and gradually adjusting to the ideal rate for deep sleep. There are two products known as Somnox 1 and Somnox 2 to enhance the quality of sleep through soft robots.  


SpectroPlast is a leading soft robotics company with an on-demand silicone additive manufacturing service for end-use silicone products. It provides excellent material performance, surface finish, fine features, and industrial sealing products. All silicon products are biocompatible for multiple industries such as healthcare, audiology, prosthetics, and dental.

Squishy Robotics

Squishy Robotics is one of the popular soft robotics startups with rapidly deployable mobile sensor robots. These robots are impact-resilient tensegrity structures to allow a sensitive payload of sensors and other electronics to be safely airdropped. It offers a wide range of applications such as military applications, IIoT, disaster response, and many more.

Soft Robotics

Soft Robotics is a well-known soft robotics company offering revolutionary automated picking solutions with 3D vision, soft gripper, artificial intelligence, and RPA. It provides multiple solutions such as mGrip and mGripAI that are easy to integrate allowing the deployment of robots in the food and consumer goods processing to solve supply chain problems efficiently and effectively. The soft robotics startup offers bakery automation, produce automation, protein automation, e-commerce, consumer goods, and logistics automation.


Covariant is a popular robotics company offering the Covariant Brain, the universal AI allowing robots to see and react in real-life environments. The RPA solutions can be applied to different operations with the use of artificial intelligence and RPA. It helps in order picking, induction, and putting walls with multiple benefits.

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