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Top 10 Data Science Tools FAANG COMPANIES Expect You to Know

Data science tools are essential to know about to get recruited in FAANG in 2022 for a hefty salary

Data science tools are one of the hottest tools to use for effective data management to derive meaningful insights for better customer engagement. Multiple data and tech companies including FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google) are popular for letting data scientists leverage different data science tools. Tech companies and FAANG need to have a deep understanding of customer behavior in this data-driven market. Thus, aspiring data scientists should look out for the top data science tools to get recruited by popular tech companies including FAANG in 2022 and beyond.

Top ten data science tools to know in 2022

Apache Hadoop

Apache Hadoop is one of the top data science tools to develop open-source software for scalable and distributed computing. It offers a library as a framework to allow for the distributed processing of large datasets with simple programming models. It is designed to scale up from a single server to thousand machines. There are four key modules that FAANG uses such as Hadoop Common, Hadoop Distributed File System, Hadoop YARN, and Hadoop MapReduce.


Tableau helps data scientists in tech companies as well as FAANG in digging deep into relevant data, unlocking meaningful insights, and presenting the outputs with a visual and compelling story. It helps in effective data management with a wide variety of data sources. FAANG uses this data science tool for data visualization with a wide range of products such as Tableau data management, Tableau Desktop, Tableau pre builder, Tableau cloud, and many more for data scientists.

Jupyter Notebook

Jupyter Notebook is known as a popular data science tool for tech companies as an open-source web application for interactive computational environments. It has produced documents combining both inputs and outputs into a single file. There are two categories of this data science tool that FAANG leverages such as Jupyter Classic Notebook and JupyterLab. It helps to integrate code and the output with a succession of steps.


TensorFlow is one of the top data science tools offering different levels of abstraction to build and train machine learning models with high-level Keras API. If data scientists need better flexibility and eager execution enables immediate iteration and intuitive debugging. Tech companies can use the distribution strategy API for distributed training on multiple hardware configurations. It offers a wide variety of tools to boost the workflow such as Colab, TensorBoard, ML Perf, What-If Tool, and many more.


RapidMiner is a FAANG-ready data science platform to offer expertise and relevant data for a breakthrough competitive edge. It supports a full analytics lifecycle including model building, model ops, AI app building, collaboration and governance, trust and transparency, as well as data engineering. The mission is to reinvent Enterprise AI to shape the business goals efficiently and effectively.


BigML is used by data scientists for its comprehensive platform, immediate access, interpretable and exportable models, and flexible deployments with automation. By leveraging this data science tool, FAANG can build sophisticated machine learning-based solutions by distilling the predictive patterns from relevant data into real-life intelligent applications. Data scientists can perform multiple activities such as time series forecasting, anomaly detection, classification, topic modeling risks, and many more with automation.

Apache Spark

Apache Spark is one of the popular data science tools that FAANG prefers as a multi-language engine to effectively execute data science on single node machines. It offers a set of libraries for parallel data processing on computer clusters while supporting different programming languages. Data scientists can scale up to big data processing on a large scale. This data science is known as the lightning-fast cluster computing tool with 100 times faster in memory as well as ten times faster on disk than Apache Hadoop.


Keras is a very useful data science tool for data scientists to use in tech companies for developing and evaluating deep learning models. It is powerful and easy to use for all tech companies including FAANG. It is based on a minimal structure for creating deep learning models with multiple features. This data science tool is consistent, supports all kinds of platforms and backends, and is a user-friendly framework for both CPU and GPU.


OpenCV is a popular data science tool short as Open Source Computer Vision library for data scientists to use in FAANG companies. It is known as the open-source computer vision as well as machine learning software library for big tech companies. The mission was to offer a common infrastructure for computer vision applications with a BSD-licensed product. It consists of over 2500 optimized algorithms to detect and recognize faces, identify objects, track camera movements, extract 3D models of objects, and many more.


MATLAB is one of the top data science tools used in FAANG and other big tech companies for providing the solution to analyze reliable data, develop algorithms, and create artificial intelligence and machine, learning models. It consists of multiple interactive applications to work with different algorithms on data while offering the ability to scale. It enables automating duties from data extraction to the re-use of decision-making scripts.  

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