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Today’s Wordle answer #296: Monday, April 11

Have you been looking for the answer to the April 11 (296) Wordle? I know how it feels to rush through an essay and then respond to a slew of emails, only to realize your brain has gone on a lunch break just in time for Wordle. Let’s be certain that this does not happen to you as well.

Alternatively, perhaps you’d like to look through our Wordle archive(opens in new tab)? I can assist you with whatever your motive for coming today. If you’d like to read a fast hint, I’ve got one for you, and if you’re looking for the answer to be put out in front of you, it’s just a little farther down the page. If you’re new to all of this, I can even explain you how to use Wordle.

Wordle April 11: A helpful hint

This term can be applied to both official and informal groupings of people—it all depends on who you’re with. When it comes to groups: This is a common combination of two very unusual letters.

How Wordle works

You’re given five empty boxes to deal with in Wordle, and you have to figure out a secret five-letter word that fits in those boxes. You only have six guesses to get it right.

There are no repeat letters and only a few vowels. When you press Enter, the boxes will display you which letters you got right and which you got wrong.

If a box turns, that letter isn’t included in the secret word. This indicates that the letter is present in the word but not in that position. This indicates that you’ve nailed the letter; it’s in the appropriate word and in the right place.

Repeat the process for your second guess in the following row, using what you learned from your first guess. You have six tries and can only use real words (no EEEEE to see whether there’s an E in the box).

Wordle was created as a surprise for his partner, who enjoys word games, by software programmer Josh Wardle(opens in new tab). It then spread to his family before being published to the general public. Since then, word puzzle games like Wordle(opens in new tab) have sprung up, refocusing the daily gimmick on music, arithmetic, or geography. Wordle quickly became so popular that it was purchased by the New York Times for a seven-figure sum (opens in new tab). It’s only a matter of time before we all converse only through multicolored boxes.

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