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This Is Why You Must Follow These 7 Ancient Principles For Spiritual Self-Mastery

The 7 Hermetic Principles: The Ancients Guide to Spiritual Self-Mastery:

The cosmos is made up of laws that govern its operation. While a butterfly flies, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, and an apple falls. For millennia, the greatest among us have been united in quest of understanding about these laws and how we might apply them to live a more fulfilling life.

The seven Hermetic principles would be the result of this pursuit.

1. The Principle of Mentalism: All is mind, the universe is mental

Everything exists in the mind of THE ALL, and everything that is was once a thought, according to the mentalism premise. The mind is, for the most part, the operating system. This understanding allows one to use their mental faculties to exploit all of the other laws.

As a result, you must acknowledge the power of your mind and use it to create the experience you desire in order to live a more meaningful and satisfying life. Because thoughts become things, and nothing under the sun is immune to the sculpting spirit of your imagination.

2. The Principle of Correspondence: As above so below; as below so above

Your outward experience is merely a reflection of your inner reality (as within, so without), therefore one must change in order to improve their life. Remember that every negative experience begins on the inside before manifesting on the outside, and the only way to change this is to change your inner environment.

To begin, accept responsibility for all that happens in your life; it is only through acceptance that you will be able to change a portion of it. Next, regardless of the state of your exterior world, modify your inner world. Maintain a positive attitude and a cheery disposition, and the parts will start to fall into place over time. Your external world will eventually adapt to reflect your inside universe.

3. The Principle of Vibration: Nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates

Everything is in motion, and the only difference between different manifestations (matter, energy, and spirit) is their vibrational level.

You, too, are in constant motion, and your rate of vibration is determined by the state of your thoughts and emotions; whether you are pulsing at a greater or lower level. Lower vibrations result in bad experiences, whilst higher vibrations result in good experiences and the ability to fulfill desires more quickly. This amazing phenomena can be seen in masters who can change the forms of energy by changing their frequency, often known as miracles.

Acts of kindness, observing your thoughts, or seeing something beautiful and actually enjoying it can all help you raise your vibration for a better life.

4. The Principle of Polarity | Hermetic Principles

Polarity personifies the fact that everything is dual; everything has opposites, but the opposites are complementary rather than antagonistic. The sole distinction is in the degree. They’re the two halves of the same coin.

Take, for example, hot and cold; they may appear to be different, but they are both measures of temperature; similarly, tall and short are both measures of height; the only variation is the degree. This principle is crucial because the degree of a feeling can be changed. Change your fury into peace, and your hatred into love.

5. The Principle of Rhythm | Hermetic Principles

“Everything flows in and out; everything has tides; everything rises and falls; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the right swing is a measure of the left swing; rhythm compensates.” The Kybalion is a Greek mythological figure.

From the rise and fall of empires and dynasties to the changing seasons, the notion of rhythm can be seen everywhere (winter to summer and back again). Even in our daily lives, we experience highs and lows. Consider how a period of elation leads to a period of despair, or how fear leads to a period of bravery.

Nothing is safe from the pendulum’s swing. Understanding the Principle of Rhythm will help you gain control over your emotions and moods, regardless of what’s going on around you. It enables you to retain a happy level of peace regardless of profit or loss, sickness or health.

6. The Principle of Cause & Effect | Hermetic Principles

“Every cause has an effect, and every effect has a cause; everything happens according to the law; chance is only another term for an unacknowledged law, but nothing escapes the law.” The Kybalion is a Greek mythological figure.

Nothing happens by chance or by accident in this world. Chance is the name of an unknown law. The majority of us, on the other hand, are the consequences rather than the causes. Other people, our emotions, and our surroundings all influence our decisions. A good example is how we feel sad or enraged after seeing anything terrible on the news. We are at the mercy of our surroundings, or, to put it another way, we are pawns on the life checkerboard.

The principle of cause and effect, calls you to be your own master. To be the cause and not the effect. To be the mover and not the moved.

7. The Principle of Gender | Hermetic Principles

Gender is a universal concept. There are masculine and feminine principles in everything. This manifests as sex on a physical level, but gender is also present on a cerebral level, and it is present in everyone.

Causation is a masculine principle. It radiates and grows; it is the sun, which scorches everything while still providing life; it is the drive to accomplish anything. The feminine, on the other hand, is the one who receives; she absorbs. It is the expression of one’s creativity, feelings, and imagination.

Both parties must collaborate. There must be a balance; otherwise, without the feminine, the masculine will create a chaotic environment, while the feminine will likely stagnate. When the two act together, however, thanks to smart action, there is success.

These are the seven hermetic principles; the path to self-mastery, and the key to a fulfilling life. If there is something we might have missed, please let us know in the comments below. Otherwise please share.

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