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The Must

Once upon a time, when the pure hearts were filled with loyalty and friendship, dwelled a boy named Josef with an aura pervaded within the lights around him. The spirit of Josef was only made of the purest sentiments through which he kept sharing his happiness with other; concealing his forlornness for his own. He had a family of four members: his father – the taxi driver, mother – the housewife who mostly maintained the upkeep of their house and chores, and the little sister – a white little charming princess who was in too little to be called a princess.

However, everything kept going so quiet as if they had the life they always aspired apparently, from inside, they desired a life much better than they had. Not to forget, the boy was a sophomore and worked part time teaching French. The whole family simply accepted they way they were and endured their routines. At the end of the day, while having the dinner, they discussed their daily routines.

It was a dark chilly night of the year when the winds blew with all their might shivering the trees and it was about to rain. They had a family dinner when the father started the conversation with an unexpected issue that they had frequently dealt with it. Everyone was in obsolete silence listening the father’s speeches through their body and soul. He talked about why they couldn’t enhance the way of living. He talked, talked and talked as if it never ends. Finally, did the speech of him finish and everyone went to bed wondering when will the life turn to their will.

The next night again at the dinner time, the father censured Josef that why couldn’t he be like his elder cousin – a high spirited and elegant boy who was supported by his family financially and worked in a huge sales company which is obvious that he had a supportive recommendation by his family for they were a famous and known family. He suggested that Josef must (I hate this word) find a better job instead of teaching the mind-numbing French. Josef said that he would sleep on it and do what is best.

It was a frustrating night when thinking about the father’s censuring. He wriggled right and left and his head ached worse and worse. It was hard to bear that much ache. The place where he laid was adjacent to the window. He stared at the shiny moon shedding tears while aspiring and wishing the life to turn the way he desired. All he wished was a job so his father could be proud of him for he needed that so much. The light of the moon stretched his eyes to its shine and took him to the world of dreams and finally he slept without knowing he did.

The next day, he went to talk to his manager and resigned teaching. For weeks, he sought jobs through online portals, opportunity webpages and job seeker companies. Weeks passed but there were no result of what he sought. He went back to have his previous job but he was refused to take his classes back for they had hired a new teacher. Once he had a job, but now he doesn’t.

After two months which the dinners passed silently, again tonight the dinner took its own inherence back. They talked about different things, laughed made comments about each other and so on. Everything went OK until Josef’s mother brought a new notion to talk about. She suggested that the money she had collected in years of his husband’s work shall be given to Josef, so he could invest on something and work on it. It seemed a pretty good idea, so the joy broached into him and penetrated his spirit.

The next day, he was pacing at the university keeping his head down. Through the way, there were many thoughts coming and going, but he couldn’t decide which one to choose. Perhaps, he should consult with somebody while he was also reluctant to do so. While he was double-minded and heading to the class, one of his professors, who got old teaching and instructing, faced him. The professor asked there is anything wrong so he could aid with. Finally, he uttered his problem. The professor said that you must make a bookstore.

Embarrassed he was after all he did, but gained nothing out of his consultancy with the professor or the censuring he listened to his father. He decided not to accept anyone’s idea about his life. So stunned he was, he made a thought to himself and found out that one of his friends has a job in a company. “It will be better to ask for a help from him” said to himself. He went to his friend to ask for advise. His friend said “you must start learning Spanish, then many jobs will be found for you”.

Weeks passed in learning Spanish. After all, it was what he had to do to find a better job. He soon learnt Spanish and went back to his friend to ask for a job. His friend refused to find a job for him and said you ought to do it yourself. Exhausted he was after all what he did, but gain nothing but disappointment. Again, he underwent the same experience. He quited what he had done repeatedly and cared of no one.

The mistake he has done was accepting whatever others are suggesting you to do. Never accept anything easily, always have a sense of critics. Nobody knows what you are undergoing and what kind of life you deserve. Everyone sees the world based on their perspective. It is only you who can save yourself and nobody else. Never consult anybody who hasn’t done the job themselves.

Basam Murtaza Tahoor
11:26 AM, 31 May 2019

Basam Murtaza Tahoor
Author: Basam Murtaza Tahoor

Basam Murtaza Tahoor is an English Writer. He has written many short stories, articles, and poems.

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Basam Murtaza Tahoor
Basam Murtaza Tahoorhttps://e-librarys.com
Basam Murtaza Tahoor is an English Writer. He has written many short stories, articles, and poems.

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