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The A

More than two million years ago, settled A in a new born baby dragon. The lovely charming A was in forehead of BD. Since he was so pleasant with other atoms, God rewarded him an adventurous life full of amazing unexpected experiences which brought him nothing but pleasure of settling in any kind of creatures. Since then, after the dragon perished, all the residuals of dragon started to fade away. Some were drained and absorbed by soil, some were blown by strong winds and some were vanished.

Though many horrible incidents were undergone by A, the discovery he made was his infinite life duration. Afterwards, he was absorbed by water which was breathed by a fish. Various places lived he, the fish was eaten by a bear and A (the atom) lived in a bear for a period of time. The bear brought a baby. Then, the baby perished and his meats were eaten by hyenas which by unfortunates of A, lived A years transmitting from one living to another.

Days, weeks, months, years, decades even centuries passed, was A still in his journey from one to another. Until, I found out A was in my best friends body, living safe and sound, smiling to life and jollifying from his life. Which obviously, that’s not the end of his journey.

Nothing is added or omitted from the world. We are all collections of atoms which were million of years before. Apparently, we might differ in terms of living and unliving creatures named as humans, animals, trees, flowers or air but basically, we have those atoms in our bodies. This the the procedure which never ends in this world. That’s why the metaphysicians say that humans and nature are interconnected. We have nature in us and vice versa. If everything scatters apart molecule to molecule and particle to particle, then can we find everything is the same from the same source and atoms.

Long live A

Basam Murtaza Tahoor
3:22 PM, 14 DEC 2018

Basam Murtaza Tahoor
Author: Basam Murtaza Tahoor

Basam Murtaza Tahoor is an English Writer. He has written many short stories, articles, and poems.

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Basam Murtaza Tahoor
Basam Murtaza Tahoorhttps://e-librarys.com
Basam Murtaza Tahoor is an English Writer. He has written many short stories, articles, and poems.

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