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Rita Anwari Sultani Biography

Mrs. Anwari is the Founding Director of Women Empowerment and Leadership in Australia (www.welaus.com.au), an organization. Mrs. Anwari possesses an impressive professional career during which she has served as the Head of International Business Development, HETC, this has given her the opportunity to represent Australian in over 25 countries and run educational programs aimed at empowering children and women. Further, Mrs. Anwari has served as the Director of Shane Training Academy in Australia. Mrs. Anwari is the former International Account Executive at Access Community Services, Additionally, Mrs. Anwari is former an International Adviser to the Minister of Women Affairs in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. She is the founder /director/ president to the Afghanistan Australia Chamber of Commerce and Investment. During her professional career, she has facilitated engagements in the political, academic and business domains between the two counties.

This has included undertaking complex international and corporate negotiations, providing country advice to Afghan leaders on Australia and vice versa, developing and facilitating memorandums of understanding and agreements to forge cooperation and collaborations in business, trade and education. She has successfully hosted dialogues, liaised with government and business stakeholders on both sides and mobilized the Afghan community in Australia for the betterment of Afghanistan people and bilateral relations.

Rita’s vision for Women Empowerment and Leadership as the President and Founder is to invest in and better the lives of the vulnerable and those who cannot fight for their rights. She is also passionate about making a difference in the life of those women who have not had the opportunity to achieve their dreams.

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