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PUBG – New State (Latest Update)

PUBG New State is the sequel to PUBG Mobile, one of the most iconic battle royales in the video game industry and a true benchmark in Android gaming. The game promises to remain faithful to the spirit of the original while offering a new setting, more game modes, settings with more interaction, and better graphics. In short, it will be a full-fledged sequel.

The first change you’ll notice in PUBG New State is its setting. The game transports you to the near future, specifically to the year 2051, with a world on the verge of collapse, in which different factions must fight for resources. This new backdrop is not only important for the narrative but will also affect you directly on the battlefield. This means you’ll be able to use all kinds of futuristic technology, like direct attack drones, new vehicles, and portable barricades.

Apart from these changes in the game’s setting, PUBG New State still offers an experience that will be very familiar to any battle royale fan. 100 people will face off on an island and only one player (or one team) will be able to win. As usual, the Blue Zone will gradually reduce the game space, ensuring, on the one hand, the confrontation and, on the other hand, that the games will not last more than half an hour.

As with the rest of the titles in the series, PUBG New State will be adding new game modes as new updates are released. However, you’ll always have the classic battle royale mode, both solo and in teams of four. This is the star game mode of the franchise and you can always enjoy it, especially if you have three friends to go into battle with you.

PUBG New State promises to raise the bar of the genre on mobile devices, offering a gaming experience like few you can enjoy on Android, more carefully designed graphics, more configuration options, fully customizable controls, a variety of game modes… Welcome to the New State.

PUBG 1.9 Update 

This page contains a download link for the PUBG Mobile 1.9 Update APK. You have arrived at the correct location. The PUBG Mobile 1.9 update will be out anytime soon, and it is one of the most significant changes in the game’s history, according to the developers. Krafton will use this occasion to commemorate the game’s 4th anniversary grandly.

App Name(PUBG Global) PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile
DevelopersPUBG Corporation, KRAFTON
DesignerBrendan Greene
Release Date27, March 2017
Android, IOS v1.9 New VersionAvailable
v1.9 Update release date16 March 2022
File Size600+ MB
Official Websitewww.pubgmobile.com
PUBG File Download SourceDownload Link: Android

It contains anniversary-themed gameplay such as Colorful Spawn Island mode, four giant statues that players must color, a unique Aerial Battleground with inflated heads, the anniversary vehicle known as Colorful Bicycle, and more variations on this theme. There are new camps, a new Recall tool, and many other additions to an already exciting game. Download the PUBG Mobile 1.9 Update APK from this page and begin playing right now.

PUBG 1.9 Update download

First and foremost, as is usually the case, we recommend that you attempt to download the PUBG Mobile 1.9 update from the official Google Play Store page before proceeding with the links below. If you are experiencing difficulties installing the update in this manner, you resort to using the APK file. Examples include the case in which the update is not yet accessible in your location and the case in which you cannot get the 1.9 updates from official sources. You may find a download link for the PUBG Mobile 1.9 update APK file further down this page if that’s the case.

PUBG 1.9 Update

Consider the following: on March 16, at 4:30 pm Indian Standard Time (IST), 3 pm GST, 12 pm Central European Time (CET), 11 am UTC (UTC), and 7 am Eastern Time (ET), the update will begin to be deployed. It implies that you will only be able to download and install the PUBG Mobile 1.9 update when that date and time are reached. For the time being, the URL provided will display as an older version of the current update. If you install the APK file first, the game will download the OBB file for you. Therefore there is no need to download it for this update manually.

PUBG 1.9 Update Release Date

The 1.9 updates for the worldwide edition of PUBG will be published on March 16, 2022, according to BGMI. There are several new strong firearms, skins, a map, events, and other game modes included in the latest 1.9 Update.

To install the update, you’ll need at least 1GB of free storage space on your device, so make sure you have adequate space (at least 2GB) before beginning the download process.

How to download PUBG 1.9 Update?

The following are step-by-step instructions on how to download the PUBG APK file from the official PUBG website:

  • To begin, go to the official PUBG game website.
  • You will now see APK Download Link on your home screen (Use Any File size that is suitable for your device)
  • After you have downloaded PUBG Mobile Latest 1.9 Version, you should open and instantly use that file on your mobile device to play.
  • After installation, simple checks will be performed, and the Resource Pack 1 GB Plus file will begin downloading.
  • Play PUBG Mobile once again and take advantage of the latest changes.

PUBG 1.9 Update Features

  • Vibrant Anniversary
  • Colorful Spawn island
  • Royale Arena Assault
  • Bicycle/ Moutain Bike
  • Control Improvements
  • Check Part Upgrade
  • Metro Royale Reunion
  • New-season Cycle 2 Season 5 (C2S5) from 22 March 2022
  • Cycle Memories
  • Redemption shop
  • Survival Rating
  • Tier Team up
  • New royal Pass
  • Free RP Voucher
  • Animation for Rank 50 Sets

PUBG Mobile’s update 1.9 will launch later today with a lot of new features to the battle royale game. The main highlight of the update is the anniversary celebration which is happening to mark four years of the game’s release. PUBG Mobile was released on March 19, 2018.

Players who update the game before March 22 will get 3,000 BP, 100 AG, and a Nocturnal Rhapsody Helmet (three days) as a reward. Here is the new content included in this update.

Vibrant Anniversary Mode

  • The new mode has been released to celebrate PUBG Mobile’s fourth anniversary. It will be available on Erangel and Livik. Players can select it in the mode selection menu.
  • There will be four giant statues on the Spawn Island of this mode. Players can dye these statues with four different colored balls to trigger a “special performance.”
Image via Tencent

Aerial Battleground

  • The map in this mode will have Aerial Battlegrounds on which players can land and wear colored outfits.
  • When you are hit by enemies on the Aerial Battleground, the head cover, which is a part of the outfit, will become larger and float in the sky. Allies can shoot at teammates to decrease the size of the head cover and bring players back to the battleground.
  • Players will respawn on being killed on the Aerial Battleground.
  • It will only be available in the first five minutes of each match.
Image via Tencent

Colored Bicycles

  • The folding bicycles can be picked up and put into the backpack in this mode. It can be deployed at any time to move around the map quickly.
  • It cannot be destroyed and makes close to no noise.
Image via Tencent

Royale Arena: Assault Mode

  • This will be available from April 7 onwards on Erangel and Livik.
  • A random area on the map will become a “four-vs-four combat zone.”
  • The first team to reach the elimination goal will win.
  • Players will spawn next to their allies.
Image via Tencent

Classic Mode Improvements

Recall feature

  • Players will now have one chance to return to the battlefield on every map. Allies can call back teammates by using the Recall Tower.
  • It will be available on Unranked Mode – Erangel, Unranked Mode – Livik, Unranked Mode – Aftermath, Ranked Mode – Erangel Vibrant Anniversary, Ranked Mode – Livik Vibrant Anniversary.
Image via Tencent

Updated Bridge on Erangel

  • The bridge leading to the military base on Erangel has been updated with a platform on either side. It will provide more cover to players looking to cross through.
Image via Tencent

Cheer Park Upgrade

  • The Cheer Park has been completely revamped with lots of new features.
  • There is now a racing mode in the Cheer Park. It supports two-player racing across a variety of vehicles.
  • The shooting range has been moved to an indoor environment with each player having their own room to practice. Now, you won’t be disturbed by some annoying trolls who spoil the experience.
  • There are also new Hoverboard platforms and viewing platforms in the park.
  • Players will also be able to fine-tune system mechanics to reduce ambient sound, other players’ gunfire sound, improve pathfinding mechanism, and more.
Image via Tencent

Besides these, a lot of bug fixes and smaller improvements have been made to PUBG Mobile. Players can read the complete patch notes on the official website here.

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