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Pete Davidson Astrology: Why His Zodiac Sign Is Proof Of His Sex Appeal

If you’ve seen Pete Davidson’s movies or watched him represent his dark, thoroughly “millennial” sense of humor on SNL, you’d think he was just some guy. He’s someone who’s funny, maybe even a little quirky IRL. However, the astrology of Pete Davidson, his zodiac sign and birth chart prove that something stronger is definitely at play here. After all, Pete Davidson is regularly paired up with some of the hottest women in Hollywood, leaving the public routinely mystified. How does the man do it? How does he have such an incredible pull with the fairer sex? The world waits with bated breath for his secret, whenever he’s ready to share it.

Kim Kardashian—who you already know is his current partner—put it into better words than I ever could: in an episode of the Kardashian clan’s latest Hulu series, she explained that what drew her to Pete in the first place was what she called his “BDE”—aka Big Dick Energy. In fact, after her first kiss with him, she claimed that while she wasn’t sure if she was overthinking it, she was convinced that some “BDE action” was at play.

This is not the only time Pete’s manhood was all anything anyone could talk about. On the heals of his breakup with Ariana Grande, his ex-fiancée has also alluded to Pete’s well-endowment. In the music video for her song “Thank U Next”, Ariana can be seen chatting with Jennifer Coolidge in a nail salon, saying “I mean, he was really cute, you know. He’s really cute. And it was… it was really big”.

So, what the heck is up? What’s going on in Pete Davidon’s birth chart that makes him so irresistible to some of the most sought-after women on the planet? As an astrologer, it’s my responsibility to dig right in:

Pete Davidson Is A Scorpio Through And Through

Born on November 16, 1993 in New York City, Pete Davidson is a Scorpio sun, which comes as a shock to absolutely no astrologer in the vicinity. After all, Scorpio is famous (and sometimes infamous) for their smoldering and unrelenting sex appeal, which doesn’t fizzle easily. And clearly, no one’s losing interest in Pete Davidson anytime soon!

“Scorpio rules over the reproductive organs in astrology, which means they were born to give off BDE.”

There’s something hot and intense about Scorpio’s way with love, because a Scorpio has a tendency to set their mind on you and refuse to let go. Being desired by a Scorpio means being worshipped, but it also means worshipping them in return. And because Pete Davidson’s Scorpio sun is forming a near exact conjunction with Pluto—planet of creation and destruction—you can bet there’s something that feels raw, exciting and dangerous about being with Pete Davidson! A long list of the most desired women in the world can attest to that. Plus, Scorpio rules over the reproductive organs in astrology, which means they were born to give off BDE.

Also, Pete Davidson isn’t just a Scorpio… he’s really, really Scorpio. Like, the ultimate expression of a Scorpio. Pete’s birth chart shows that he also has a Mercury-Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio, which makes him highly mysterious and incredibly deep. This is the birth chart of a person who has some dark depths, but also some incredibly beautiful valleys. And the intensity of both could lure anyone in.

How Does He Date The Hottest Women In Hollywood?

Believe it or not, it’s kind of Pete’s destiny to be known as someone who has BDE. If that sounds ridiculous to you, hear me out. In astrology, Mars is the planet of your raw, primal and animalistic urges. It rules over your sexuality, especially the type of sexuality that is assertive and dominant. In Pete’s birth chart, his Mars is in wild and adventurous Sagittarius, which speaks to his ability to shake things up in his partner’s life and show them a whole new perspective. And to make sure Pete is known for his sex appeal, his Mars in Sagittarius also forms a tight conjunction with his North Node of Destiny. Make no mistake—Pete is a modern Casanova and history will likely remember him that way! If astrology has anything to say about it, he won’t be losing his mojo anytime soon.

Between dating Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, Kate Beckinsale and Phoebe Dynevor—I mean, the list keeps going—it’s clear there’s something about Pete that women have trouble resisting. And from the words of an astrologer, it might have something to do with his Scorpio sting.

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