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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Kim Kardashian Has Entered Her Experimental Fashion Phase With Pete Davidson

As of October 2021, she’s dating Pete Davidson, and she appears to be entering a new style stage: her experimental moment. Over the past few months since Kardashian has shacked up with Davidson—the funny man who lives in a ROYGBIV-soaked rotation of sweatpants and hoodies—she seems to be volleying between her curve-skimming looks and more eclectic, playful, and even casual ensembles. Davidson, after all, is a comedian who has a relaxed style with a point of view (and a stylist, Britt Theodora). We often see him in a mish-mash of clothes: Look at his appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in which he wore a cat print T-shirt by the Vampire’s Wife, a purple knit cardigan, and floral print jeans. Davidson might not be changing the fashion industry, but his uplifting and free sartorial attitude might trickle into the Kardashian’s world.

After all, Kardashian has been delving into print more combinations. In March, Kardashian headed to the Balenciaga fall 2022 show in a bodysuit wrapped in yellow caution tape—hardly a comfort-minded get-up. Last week, she stepped out in a flame print turtleneck, ketchup red pantaboots, a matching wrap leather skirt, leather gloves, and a furry Balenciaga bag and sunglasses. It created an image heard ‘round the meme-verse. Both outfits felt like a more daring departure from her tabula rasa Balenciaga catsuits that she had been wearing during her single months before. Now, we were seeing Kardashian stepping out in looks that can only be described as manicured yet bizarre.

Photo: Courtesy of Backgrid

In a more casual mood while out with Davidson and dining with Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez, Kardashian went the rugged Canadian tuxedo route in loose denim pants and a button-up. Davidson opted for a blue Uncle Paulie’s hoodie, jeans, and a pair of Converse. It felt easy-going and even normal; maybe it wasn’t even styled for the paparazzi. Kardashian has retired Yeezy’s for humble Vans—a Davidson shoe du jour.

As always, clothes hint at the status of a couple’s relationship. Regardless of personal taste, couples often organically adopt traits from each other’s wardrobes. While West has had a major impact on Kardashian’s style, she is no longer with him, and therefore has room for other influences. And though Kardashian hasn’t necessarily absorbed overt cues from Davidson’s style, his presence is certainly there in her clothes. That rub-off effect is typical of the Hollywood set. David and Victoria Beckham wore matching leather sets in the early 2000s, and Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow attended a red carpet premiere with the same “let me speak to the manager” haircut. Kardashian’s sister Kourtney who has adopted her husband Travis Barker’s punk-derived style day-to-day and on the red carpet.

For Kardashian, she is left up to her own devices and is entering a try-everything phase, some of which incorporates Davidson’s curated eclectic lazy boy aesthetic. While there is a severe dichotomy with Kardashian’s choices, let’s applaud them. Ultimately she’s the one steering her style.

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