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Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Seen Together At North West’s Basketball Game

On Friday, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were photographed in an amicable moment at a basketball game close to Thousand Oaks, California, according to TMZ. The formerly married couple were there to watch their daughter, North West, compete in her league. It has been a while since West has made many public appearances. The rapper stepped back from the spotlight for a bit after the many controversial comments he made about Kardashian and her new boyfriend, comedian Pete Davidson.

Though they were both in attendance and relatively close in the bleachers, they were not seated next to one another. Sources at the scene said they spoke a few times during the game, but mostly were fairly quiet and focused on North’s play.

Before West began to lash out at Davidson, it seemed like he and Kardashian had been doing a good job at successfully co-parenting their four children. They were even spending time socially together, like going to dinners, and West was in New York City for Kardashian’s gig as the host of Saturday Night Live in the fall.

When Kardashian began dating Davidson around Halloween of 2021, they began by taking things slow and being pretty casual. By Thanksgiving, West was turning up his overtures to Kardashian, openly saying he wished to reconcile with her. As things got more serious between Davidson and Kardashian, West posted a lot on social media about parental alienation and personal issues with his family. He even made a music video in which a claymation figure of Davidson gets buried alive.

A few months ago, West stepped back and decided to work on his issues with his divorce in more privacy. It looks like they are both trying to rebuild trust in their relationship for the sake of their kids, with some success. In fact, Kardashian wished him a Happy Father’s Day on Instagram on Sunday, June 19.


She shared a few photos of he ex husband with their kids, writing, “Thank you for being the best dad to our babies and loving them the way you do! happy father’s Day Ye.”

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