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Swaddling Safely

Do you want to make a fussy infant feel at ease and secure? Swaddling is a centuries-old practice that imitates the womb’s environment, and all you need is a blanket and some smart folding. Your infant will undoubtedly be content, warm, and happy. To reduce any potential risks to your infant, use safe swaddling techniques.

1. Make a flat platform for the blanket. SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, is more likely in babies who sleep on their sides or stomachs. Swaddled newborns should be kept on their backs because they are less mobile than un-swaddled babies and have a higher risk of suffocating if placed face-down.

  • Swaddling does not appear to prevent or lessen the risk of SIDS. If done appropriately, however, this method can be both safe and healthy for your child.

2. By the age of two months, you should no longer be swaddling your infant. It’s time to cease swaddling your kid once he or she is old enough to roll over on their own. If your infant manages to roll over onto their stomach while swaddled, it can be very dangerous.

  • Even before they can roll over on their own, newborns might inadvertently flip themselves over by arching their backs or flailing around when disturbed or enthusiastic. Even if you don’t think your baby can roll over yet, never leave them unattended on an elevated surface like a changing table.
  • Although not all newborns can turn over by the time they’re two months old, it’s best to stop swaddling them before they do.
  • If your baby is able to roll over before the age of two months, you should cease swaddling them immediately.
  • When your child is no longer able to be swaddled, try a sleep bag (which covers the legs but leaves the arms free) or footie pajamas as an alternative.

3. Don’t swaddle your baby too tightly. If you swaddle your infant too tightly, especially if he or she is extremely young, the baby may have problems breathing. You should be able to fit 2-3 fingers between their chest and the blanket if the swaddle is tight enough to keep their arms in place. [20] Also, make sure the wrapping around their legs is slack enough for them to bend up and out.

  • If the swaddling is wrapped excessively tightly around the baby’s legs, it may inhibit proper hip development.
  • On the other side, if the swaddle is wrapped too loosely, it may fall undone and cover the baby’s face, putting him or her at risk of asphyxia.

4. To avoid overheating, dress your baby lightly and use a light blanket. Overheating might potentially put your infant at danger of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). When swaddling your baby, use a light, airy blanket or wrap. Dress your kid in light clothing or simply a diaper under the swaddling wrap if the weather is warm. If you see indicators of overheating in your infant, such as:[

  • Breathing quickly
  • Sweating or damp hair
  • Skin that has been washed
  • A rash caused by excessive heat

5. To avoid suffocation, use a firm mattress in the crib. If a baby does manage to end up face-down in the crib, a soft mattress can suffocate them. A firm mattress helps keep your infant safe while allowing them to sleep.

  • Cover the mattress with a fitted sheet made specifically for it.
  • Check to see if the mattress will fit in your baby’s crib or bassinet. Check for any gaps between the mattress and the crib’s sides, as your baby could become stuck if he or she rolls into one.

6. Keep plush animals, loose blankets, and pillows out of the crib. Your infant is at risk of suffocating if there are a lot of loose items in the cot. Don’t put a cushion, a loose sheet, or a blanket on your baby. Use a swaddle, sleep sack, or appropriate clothing to keep them warm.

  • By the time they’re 12 years old, most babies can securely use a pillow.
  • By the time your child is a year old, he or she should be able to use loose blankets. If you’re not sure whether your youngster is ready, consult your pediatrician.
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