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How a Student Can Increase The Number of Followers on Instagram: a Strategy for Gaining an Audience

Today in our article we will tell you how to increase the number of followers on Instagram – legal methods, by yourself or with someone else’s help, paid and freeways.

If you are already actively maintaining a profile, but do not have enough time to switch to new goals and achieve higher figures, then try to delegate the routine part of the work to the service of deferred posting SMM planner. There you will be able to schedule the output of posts in advance, and in your free time think about how to increase the followers on Instagram yourself, using the tips from this article.

Purpose of promotion

Not all promotion methods are equally good for different types of accounts. First of all, it is necessary to define the purpose – why your profile has to become popular at any cost: you are an artist and you want to be famous, you sell lawn mowing machines and you want to increase the flow of clients from social networks, you are a masseur, a make-up artist, a tutor or a coach and you are looking for customers?

The main reasons why Instagram users are gaining an audience

  • To promote a personal brand. Social networks allow professionals to set themselves apart from competitors through charisma and get clients from their loyal audience.
  • Make money from advertising. Bloggers with a large audience earn well by integrating advertising publications into their content – talking about products, services, and brands.
  • Selling products. Various products – both tangible and intellectual – are announced and sold on social networks: electronics, sports goods, clothes for children, books, courses, consultations.
  • Promotion of business. It is possible to attract customers through Instagram, so entrepreneurs often think about how to increase the number of subscribers on Instagram. Not only cafes and beauty salons but also shoe repairmen, cleaning companies, solid wood furniture factories – companies from the most diverse niches – use social networks for this purpose today.
  • Spreading creativity. Through social networks, you can talk about books, poems, music and announce concerts and performances. Instagram is especially useful for artists and illustrators since the main unit of content in the social network is a picture.
  • Promotion of independent media. The size of the audience is a key indicator for online publications. An online magazine needs subscribers, and without them, it makes no sense. And sometimes it is only due to them that it can survive.
  • Attracting attention to a project. Through social media, you can gather a like-minded audience and work together to solve a problem or an urgent issue and do so regularly.
  • To understand how to boost the number of subscribers on Instagram by a live target audience, you need to define your online mission, your goals, the available and acceptable ways of attracting people. Based on that, develop a strategy and content plan that includes posts with the information you’re going to deliver. You will also need to prepare in advance the account that you are going to promote.

How to increase the number of followers on Instagram for free

Many students sometimes do not have enough money for essay writing services, and for promotion of their account is even more so. For your audience to grow, and the motivation to keep the account only increased, try the following ways of promotion, which you can use for free:

  • Use hashtags in your posts. Try to use the most appropriate hashtags to attract the attention of interested people. Let us only say that hashtags will make your posts visible to people who are not subscribed to you, and they can also be used for rubrics, brand development, catching a wave of hype, and showing content to users from your region.
  • Mark geolocation. This is a must if you have a regional business, cafe, or home studio. Tagging will increase your reach at the expense of users who are close to you geographically. They are also very likely to become customers of your beauty salon or hair salon, especially since it has become important to visit salons, massage parlors, and other treatment facilities as close to home as possible, given recent events.
  • Attract the first subscribers from your contacts. In the settings, you can add other social networks and sign up people who are your friends. They’ll get a notification and can decide whether to subscribe back or not, so it’s quite delicate compared to, for example, sending out subscription requests in private messages.
  • Post a link to your account on other social networks. You can promote your brand or your services on several social networks at the same time, or at least post a link to your business page on other accounts. You can also make regular reposts or in general, publish posts automatically on several social networks at once with the help of SMMplanner.
  • Leave comments. You can attract potential subscribers by commenting on posts on related blogs, other bloggers’ profiles, and thematic communities. In this way, you can show your expertise, for example, by answering someone’s question or wit. You can express your point of view, disagree, or even argue, the main thing is not to get personal, and do not insult anyone. Also, be proactive by signing and liking other profiles.
  • Collaborative broadcasts. Host events with experts in related fields. This way you can exchange audience, increase the number of subscribers on Instagram without any clicks and once again show them that you can be useful.
  • Friends of friends. If you have a good product or interesting account, you can ask your friends to recommend you to their contacts to increase the number of subscribers on Instagram. It’s easy for them and fun for you.
  • Participate in events and be active. If you are an expert, you can act as a speaker, if you are a blogger – hold broadcasts for subscribers on important topics for you. If you sell something, show the product from different sides and tell some interesting information about it, for example, show the production process.
  • Share content with your subscribers. If possible, motivate them to create it. The GoPro account, for example, which has 18 million subscribers as of this writing, is based entirely on this strategy.
  • Create a variety of engaging and useful content. Have your tricks that make users want to share a post, or tell them something useful in your picks so subscribers can keep them.
  • Run marathons, challenges, or do other activities. Set goals and encourage subscribers to join or support you. Maybe someone just lacked the motivation to start running in the morning or read one book a week.
  • Set up polls and surveys. Involve your subscribers in interactives and discussions, ask them for advice to make a decision, ask for an opinion, even if you need to choose what color to buy a chair for the country house. People like answering simple questions, and that’s an extra reason to engage in stories. You can also use your followers to find new topics for posts or even adjust your content strategy.
  • Publish more stories. Their reach is higher than posts, and they’re still one of the most effective types of content. It’s also worth learning new tricks – like learning how to shoot Reels. As long as the format is relatively fresh, there is a chance to attract a large part of the new audience with it.
  • Connect a business account. It has a lot more options for running ads and promotions. For example, you will be able to add messenger buttons in the description, to study statistics in more detail.
  • Track statistics. Analyze the performance of posts in the statistics, and note which ones have gained more coverage and attracted more attention. Adjust content so that it falls within the interests and field of view of subscribers. Experiment with topics, pitches, and posting times.

Paid methods to increase the number of followers on Instagram

To this group, we referred the methods of promotion, which will require small or serious investments.

  • Arrange giveaways and contests. You can start when the account has several hundred subscribers. The standard mechanic for this is to draw a prize between users who subscribe, like, or repost the post or stories, tag their friends, or write something in the comments. The prize can be your product, a discount, a certificate, a partner’s product, a place on a course, etc. The main thing is that the prize is worthy of attention.
  • Use targeted advertising. You can set up showing promotional posts to a target audience and get new subscribers every month. The effectiveness of the tool and the cost of a subscriber in this case depends on the ability to use targeting.
  • Order advertising from bloggers. For this, it is important to know how to choose who to work with. Whether a blogger is right for you depends on his audience, coverage, cost of advertising integration, your goals, and budget.
  • Place ads in themed communities. A post in the public is usually much cheaper than one on a blogger’s wall. The community can choose among the thematic, and you can find one where they post funny videos with kitties – kitties like everyone, one of these people will love you.
  • Invest in the promotion. You can find an SMM specialist or agency that will take care of the account promotion – content-strategy development, content creation, advertising launch, posting, statistics analysis, negotiations of other people’s advertising in your account, etc. Companies, online stores, and bloggers use such services since it’s hard to manage an account with a large audience on your own. So that Instagram does not completely absorb all the time of the lifestyle bloggers, they hire assistants.

These are the main methods by which to gain subscribers on Instagram.

To conclude

Whether you need followers for future social media sales or just want to share your observations with those who support you, justify your investment in an Instagram blog and get money for advertising from those brands whose philosophy matches yours – the main thing is to keep your content interesting and relevant.

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