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Framed Perspectives

Let’s accept some assumptions about humans’ brain along with the delusions that we are capable of understanding everything while being idiot idealists. We confront any aspect of life with a basic understanding of us fostered by few philosophers, theorists, scholars, saints or with the basic divine information about life. The information handed to us right now are only what we are capable of understanding what I call our framed perspectives, permitting us to apprehend only what we can see.

For God’s sake, what we are calling “time” what do you think it might be? Are we calling the movement of earth around the sun, time? What if this process stops and earth does not cycle its path? Do you think everything will stop? It’s obvious to everyone that such illusions are not acceptable. The mere fact that there isn’t anything so far called time is hard to accept, but we ought to do it, only to prove our awareness. Meanwhile, the existence of past and future is also inferable – Past as images and future as predictions.

Love and hate, good and bad, white and black, truth and lie, these are only assigned on certain prospects to be comprehended. I am afraid the way we had come up to here would turn out to be wrong. Based on the basic understanding of us, we call something good and something bad. Why is that? Are we the ones with the rights to call something bad? We name a tree bad, just because we don’t like it. We little idiot humans think that we know everything? I say fuck us with our fucking right to classify things due to our fucking ideas. Who are we to to say if something is bad; in fact, everything is good cause God of goodness created a good world. Thus, don’t think of yourself much wiser and stop classifying things based on your ideology.

Being a child to a raised adult, we were told to go to school then college, then university then to work and finally to die alone without even living one day as a human. This is considered as a side effect of these framed perspectives. From the dawn to dusk of our life, we were framed to do certain things. We were assigned to act as others. Finally, when being an old man, they throw us away to use others as alternatives. What if these framed perspectives were not the way of living? What if we were created not work but to achieve great wisdom. People wants us to undergo the same process they passed; whereas, each individual has different story. Don’t be the pranks of the framed society. Be different, be not the followers of the modeled path they created.

Basam Murtaza Tahoor
8:57 PM, 18th Jan, 2019

Basam Murtaza Tahoor
Author: Basam Murtaza Tahoor

Basam Murtaza Tahoor is an English Writer. He has written many short stories, articles, and poems.

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Basam Murtaza Tahoor
Basam Murtaza Tahoorhttps://e-librarys.com
Basam Murtaza Tahoor is an English Writer. He has written many short stories, articles, and poems.

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