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Everything Added to Far Cry 6 with Title Update 4

Far Cry 6 is receiving plenty of great post-launch support, and some free content just dropped alongside many other improvements.

A few months ago, Ubisoft came out with the latest entry in the Far Cry series. Far Cry 6 took the open-world first-person shooter franchise to the fictional Caribbean island of Yara and saw players join the local guerilla fighters. The island is run as a dictatorship by “El Presidente” Antón Castillo, portrayed by Giancarlo Esposito, and it’s up to protagonist Dani Rojas to lead the various resistance groups in toppling the oppressive regime. Far Cry 6 received mixed reviews from critics who noted that the series’ formula was getting stale, but fans tend to prefer it over the last few entries.

Those satisfied with this new Far Cry are in luck, as Ubisoft has one of the strongest post-launch plans in the series. The season pass alone includes short campaigns tying up the stories of the past three games’ main antagonists, as well as an upgraded port of the acclaimed Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon expansion. Players without the pass need not worry, as they will still be receiving free crossover missions featuring Danny Trejo, a Rambo homage, and the Upside Down from Stranger Things. There are also six Special Operations missions that task players with delivering time bombs, and all the post-launch content will support cooperative multiplayer. Much of this has already been released, and while fans are waiting on the last of the villains’ episodes, they can enjoy the content and fixes provided by Far Cry 6’s fourth major title update.

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Rambo All The Blood is Title Update 4’s Main Event

Launched on February 1, Far Cry 6’s Title Update 4 contains a variety of new attractions and improvements to the game. The biggest addition is easily the Rambo All The Blood crossover mission, added free for all players. This is the second of three planned crossover missions and follows up Danny Trejo’s cameo in the middle of December 2021. Unlike Trejo, Sylvester Stallone will not be reprising his role as Rambo; instead, players will team up with a superfan of the movie franchise to rampage against the Yaran military in Rambo fashion. Most of the work will fall to Dani Rojas, but considering their role in taking back Yara, they should be more than capable of making a great Rambo impression.

The mission will take players on a blood-soaked journey of vengeance that is meant to emulate the tone of a 80s action blockbuster. Much like in Rambo’s first few movies, a mixture of stealth and hyper-violence is necessary to win the day. On the way, plenty of iconic Rambo moments will be referenced, and players can keep the explosively powerful Vengeance Bow after the mission. All of this can be done with a friend in tow to truly maximize the schlocky chaos.

A Rambo Bundle is also available to purchase, bringing several Rambo-inspired customization options to the player’s arsenal. It won’t take long to clear, but hopefully, this crossover mission will tide players over until the next DLC episode or the Stranger Things mission is ready to drop.

Title Update 4 Brings Quality-of-Life Updates to Far Cry 6

While the Rambo mission is the extent of the new content added to Far Cry 6, Title Update 4 still has several other improvements to offer. Ubisoft is committed to addressing as many complaints and issues as it can while Far Cry 6’s development continues, and the fruits of this labor will likely be felt by the time Blood Dragon is out. The first major quality-of-life feature Title Update 4 adds is a change to how Guerilla Camps work in co-op. Previously, upgrading the player’s camp while playing with friends would trigger a consent popup for other players in the party. This is no longer the case, and players can now freely manage their camps without interrupting a group session.

Before this update, when players attempted to loot ammunition from enemies while their supply was at the cap, nothing would happen. While it makes sense that the player wouldn’t receive anything and the enemy’s body would still keep the loot, the total lack of feedback confused a lot of players. Now, a HUD notification will appear upon attempting to loot to inform players that they can’t pick up ammunition because they’re already topped up. Another issue Title Update 4 tackled was the difficulty differentiating between vehicle health, enemy health, and enemy type when enemies were in vehicles. Enemy markers will now be hidden while they are inside vehicles, making fights easier to parse.

Several Bug Fixes Have Come to Far Cry 6

The last additions Title Update 4 brings are bug fixes. While nothing is as glamorous as Title Update 3 fixing blurry textures in PC Far Cry 6’s HD Texture Pack, there are quite a few fixes for issues that can seriously impact a player’s game. In particular, an infinite respawn loop during the “Paradise Lost” mission was fixed, as some crashing and soft locking issues. Overly frequent or infinite enemy respawns in certain areas were toned down, and several issues preventing options from being applied properly were corrected. Some HUD and Ubisoft Connect implementation problems were fixed, and multiplayer hosts should now always be able to kick clients during co-op sessions.

Thanks to the hard work of developers at Ubisoft Toronto, Far Cry 6 continues to get better and better. The game is in a good state now, and will only get better as more updates and DLC are released. Next up should be Joseph Seed’s DLC episode to round out the villain trilogy, followed by a free Stranger Things crossover mission. Afterward, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon will be re-released as part of the season pass with unknown updates. In the meantime, players will be able to continue enjoying Far Cry 6 alone or in co-op and can tackle the weekly insurgencies staged after the campaign’s completion. There’s no telling what lies in Far Cry’s future, but the present is looking quite promising.

Far Cry 6 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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