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15 Best Places You Must Visit in Canada

While being in Canada these places must be visited by you because of several factors, such as affordability, entertainment options and diversity of hotels and resorts, as well as user votes and expert opinions, to compile this list of the best places to visit in Canada. Comment for your favorite spot below to have a say in next year’s list. And if you’re seeking lodging, see our Best Hotels in Canada ranking.

1. Banff

This tiny mountain town in Alberta, nestled in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, appeals to both nature lovers and luxury seekers. Visitors can spend their days skiing or hiking in Banff National Park, as well as float down the Bow River, before retiring to one of the many luxury hotels for some spa treatment. Day visits to prominent destinations like as the Columbia Icefield and Moraine Lake, which is known for its turquoise waters, should not be overlooked.

2. Vancouver

A trip to Vancouver is all about taking advantage of the great outdoors. The residents of Vancouver spend their days skiing on Grouse Mountain, swimming at Kitsilano Beach, and wandering around Stanley Park. In addition, this British Columbia city has numerous cultural attractions, including as museums and outdoor markets (Granville Island is a must-see). If you’re not afraid of heights, the Capilano Suspension Bridge, which stands 230 feet over the Capilano River, is about 5 miles north of the city center.

3. Niagara Falls

isit this Ontario site to observe and photograph the area’s most famous natural wonder. Take a helicopter trip to observe the falls from above, or walk alongside them to get a closer look. After you’ve had your fill of the beauty, see what else the area has to offer, such as the Niagara Glen Nature Centre, which has a variety of hiking paths. When you’ve had your fill of nature, visit one of the local vineyards or try your luck at one of the casinos.

4. Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park, the largest in the Canadian Rockies, is ready for exploration. When you’re not trekking through Maligne Canyon, whitewater rafting down the Athabasca River, or photographing Spirit Island, take a ride on the Jasper SkyTram for a bird’s-eye perspective of the stunning environment. Keep a look out for the 53 different kinds of mammals that live in this Alberta park, such as black bears, cougars, and bighorn sheep.

5. Montreal

Montreal is a city of contrasts: skyscrapers rub shoulders with 17th-century grandeur in Old Montreal, and English noises blend with the alien hum of French. Visit Old Montreal for a flavor of Europe (think gorgeous architecture and cobblestone streets), then visit the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts for more modern sights. If you’re traveling during the summer, don’t miss the Montreal Botanical Garden or Mount Royal Park’s panoramic views of the city.

6. Quebec City

A trip to Europe may be out of your price range, but a trip to Quebec City might be. The stunning centuries-old structures that make up Old Québec — a UNESCO World Heritage Site – enchant visitors to this Canadian city. Meanwhile, the scents of freshly baked bread and brewing espresso pervade the cobblestone walkways of the Quartier Petit-Champlain. Take a trip to Montmorency Falls Park once you’ve had your fill of the city to see the 272-foot-tall cascade.

7. Victoria & Vancouver Island

While Montreal and Quebec City pay homage to Canada’s French heritage, Victoria honors the country’s British roots. Many people come to the capital of British Columbia for afternoon tea, a tour of the stunning Parliament Buildings, or a history lesson at the Royal British Columbia Museum. Others want to visit the wineries on Vancouver Island to try the local wines. Meanwhile, animal enthusiasts can appreciate the diverse marine life that inhabits the waters around Victoria. In reality, Victoria’s waters are home to more than 80 orca whales.

8. Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island, with its rolling green hills, red sandstone cliffs, and delectable bounty of seafood (here is where PEI mussels originate from, after all), is the perfect getaway from Canada’s more adventure-oriented regions. When you’re not at the beach, sharpen your skills on one of the island’s golf courses. Also, keep a watch out for the population of seals on Prince Edward Island (four kinds call the island home either full or part time).

9. Whistler

With a trip to Whistler, you can take adventure travel to the next level. From skiing and snowboarding to bobsled rides and bungee jumping, this British Columbia resort town has it all. Travelers can spend their free time in Whistler Village, where they can partake in the après-ski scene, browse locally owned shops, or stroll through Whistler Olympic Plaza. Meanwhile, warm-weather tourists can visit Brandywine Falls Provincial Park, which is home to the park’s name-giving 230-foot-tall waterfall.

10. Mont-Tremblant

Located about 80 miles northwest of Montreal in Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains, Mont-Tremblant is best known for its skiing, specifically Mont Tremblant Ski Resort, which occupies the highest peak in the mountain range. But warm-weather visitors are equally enchanted by its Parc national du Mont-Tremblant, which boasts six rivers and 400 lakes and streams, not to mention countless hiking trails and beaches. Water sports, fishing and mountain biking are all popular here thanks to the area’s diverse landscape.

11. Whitehorse

Referred to as the “small city with a big backyard,” Whitehorse – the capital of Canada’s Yukon territory – shines with all of its outdoor activities. Explore Miles Canyon, which is accessible from Whitehorse on foot (a nearly 10-mile loop trail connects the city directly to this natural wonder). After, head north to the Yukon Wildlife Preserve, where you’ll find all kinds of animals, including arctic foxes, elk, muskox and bison. Even though this region gets notoriously cold, you might want to time your visit around the first couple of weeks of winter to witness the northern lights.

12. Toronto

“Big” doesn’t even begin to describe this Ontario city. With cultural pockets like Greektown, Little India and Koreatown all within city limits, Toronto has the ability to transport visitors around the globe. Take it all in with a ride up the 1,815-foot-tall CN Tower, or enjoy a quintessentially Canadian experience at the Hockey Hall of Fame. Then, head to the St. Lawrence Market to sample gourmet goodies, and if the weather is right, visit the Toronto Islands.

13. Gros Morne National Park

This UNESCO World Heritage Site encompasses nearly 458,000 acres of land on Newfoundland’s west coast. Its top activity is undoubtedly hiking through the Tablelands. Here, you’ll traverse exposed earth mantle, a rust-colored landscape that was created millions of years ago by a collision of tectonic plates. Also save time for a boat ride on Western Brook Pond, which is a glacier-carved, landlocked fjord that features cascading waterfalls measuring 2,000 feet.

14. Cape Breton Highlands National Park

The world-famous Cabot Trail, which runs through one-third of this national park on Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Island, is the park’s headliner. You’ll pass through forested river valleys, rural fishing villages, and lots of vantage sites for admiring the scenery as you drive the twisting highway, which is regarded one of the world’s most magnificent drives. Do you prefer to explore the park on your own? There are a total of 26 hiking paths available.

15. Okanagan Valley

The Okanagan Valley, which stretches across more than 155 miles of British Columbia, is home to 84 percent of the province’s vineyard acreage and approximately 200 wineries. In the valley, there are several subregions, each with its own distinct experiences and grape varieties. Visit the Naramata Bench if you want to combine wine tasting with outdoor activities. There are a lot of vineyards in this area, and you can do everything from kayaking to mountain biking. Regardless of the area you visit, you’ll be treated to breathtaking vistas that rival those seen in the world’s top wine regions.

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