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10 Ways Blogging Can Change Your Life

Blogging can be life changing and improve your life in so many ways. The benefits of blogging include providing an income and it allows you to work from home or anywhere in the world and to work around home life. Blogging can also lead to self improvement and the learning of new skills.

I have been blogging now for 9 years and I can tell you that it has changed my life so far and things will only get better. I started my first blog when I was unemployed and depressed.

I felt like I had no purpose until I made a google search and couldn’t find the answer to my question. So I decided to become the answer to the question and write what I wanted to read.

It wasn’t long until the blog became bigger than I could manage and I started monetise. It was making a salary but I didn’t think it was enough to live on so I started two new blogs.

One day I came across someone talking about Mediavine and I decided to apply. I was accepted and just like that everything changed.

In March 2020, I walked away from my toxic office job and into full time blogging.

Honestly, a lot of the thoughts I had during my first month of full time blogging were negative thoughts. But I am so glad I get to blog full time.

Blogging has changed my life in more ways than one and it can change your life too.

By Giving You a Voice

Every blogger has an audience and every blogger has a voice that they want heard. In the real world I don’t feel like I have much of a voice but I do on the internet.

I am very knowledgeable in blogging and social media but in the real world I don’t feel I would be able to talk about it.

It is on my blog that I have a voice as all of the words are my own.

By Helping You to Learn from Your Mistakes

I have made many mistakes during my blogging career. My first mistake was that I started a blog and hated the blog name and so I deleted the blog.

I should have put more thought into the blog name and more thought into the content but I wanted a second blog and rushed into it.

My second mistake was not reading a contract properly in terms of cancellation and I ended up losing a lot of money.

These mistakes have led to me being more cautious in the real world. I no longer make rash decisions and I check all contracts thoroughly before I agree to the T&Cs.

Improving Your Self Confidence

After a significant period of impostor syndrome it hit me one day that I’m pretty good as this blogging shit. It can make you realised that you do have something that you can be confident in because you can do this.

You can do this well despite what others think because we all know there can be a serious lack of support from friends and family.

Unless you are a blogger it is quite hard to understand blogging and many friends and family may see it as a waste of your time.

It Could Become Your Career

There are many ways that you can make money from your blog, from on page advertising, sponsored posts, selling your own products and affiliate marketing.

When I started blogging I never dreamed that it would become my career and now that it is it seems rather surreal.

I make my income mostly from advertisements on my websites. On my first blog, I started with Google Adsense before later adding Taboola.

In 2019, I joined Mediavine and the results have been outstanding. I do a little bit of affiliate sales but I have only made a few hundred pounds to date.

It can Lead to New Experiences

Blogging can lead to a wealth of new experiences from discovering new products, having new experiences and going to new places.

Depending on your niche you could experience new places and new experiences especially in the travel and food sectors.

Improving Your Mental Health

Having an outlet to write your thoughts and feelings can be very therapeutic and helpful to improving mental health. It can also be a distraction when anxiety sets in.

Awakening Your Creative Spirit

I’m not going to lie and I don’t know about you but I’m not an overly creative person. I can’t draw, can’t paint, can’t play an instrument, read music and I can barely put a stitch in some material. I just really lack the creative spirit or I thought I did.

But I have discovered a new love for creating graphics on Canva and I like to think I am getting better at it!

I’m also reading more and becoming more imaginative. I’m starting to think like a marketer, a writer and finding creative ways to write and promote my writing.

Allowing you to socialise and Make New Friends

Blogging is a very social enterprise with many opportunities for networking and making new friends who understand blogging.

I believe that friends that understand blogging are very important as many of my non blogger friends just don’t understand it.

There are bloggers groups on Facebook and many bloggers have a presence on Twitter, so join in with conversations and meet new bloggers.

There are also regular Twitter Chats for bloggers, where bloggers meet and discuss blogging topics and life in general.

It Can Give You a Purpose

Before I started blogging my life wasn’t really going anywhere. I had no hobbies and my down time just involved watching television.

I had struggled to find a job in the legal field I wanted to work in as the funding in the sector was cut due to the recession and I was stuck in a dead end job.

When my down time became blogging about television I felt there was some purpose to it now and I enjoyed it more as it was going be of benefit to others.

I began enjoying my job more as I was enjoying what I had my off the clock time to look forward to.

Gain new, transferable skills

Since I started blogging I have learnt many transferable skills that have been put to good use in life and in work. There are skills to improve your career prospects that can be gained from blogging.

I knew nothing of social media and marketing when I first started blogging but now I learnt more than I ever thought I would.

How has blogging changed your life? Tell me in the comments.

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